Kickboxing Lesson in Sharjah | Prosportsuae


It’s you versus the bag in this high-intensity strength and cardiorespiratory focused workout. The class is professionally structured around seven 3-minute rounds. Incorporate the 1-16 strikes as the Coach leads you through alternating speed and power rounds to keep the body guessing. Gain the confidence that comes from knowing how to move like a pro. Open to all skill levels and designed to be scaled. We welcome beginners and can challenge an advanced athlete. Grab wraps, gloves and meet your coach in the bag area!

  • Boxing Shoes (No Street Shoes) Or Clean Bare Feet

  • Athletic Wear

  • Pants Recommended

  • Hand Wraps

  • Boxing Gloves

  • *No Wraps Or Gloves? No Worries.

  • Open To All Skill Levels

  • 50 minutes

  • Bag Area

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Kickboxing Class in Ajman | Prosportsuae
Prosportsuae Kickboxing